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Green Smoothies: How To Make Them Healthy + Recipes

Green Smoothies: How To Make Them Healthy + Recipes

If you sometimes have food anxiety, or maybe you want to lose weight, or just be healthy and full of clean energy, green smoothies are for you. We already talked about green smoothies in the article on live food , but this time we are going to dig a little deeper and give you some recipes so you can start trying and making your own combinations.

Why are Green Smoothies so Recommended?

The good thing about green smoothies is that they provide a lot of nutrients (vitamins, enzymes, minerals, etc.) with the minimum energy cost.

This means that in addition to having many nutrients, being beaten, they are very easily assimilated by the body , since part of the process we do with chewing has already been done.

This does not mean that you swallow it without breathing. Ensalinating food, whether solid or liquid, is very important for, among other things, the enzymes in saliva to have their effect on digestion.

For whom are green smoothies especially beneficial?

In general, for anyone who wants to be healthy and energetic, but it is also interesting for people who:

You have anxiety with food : by covering many nutrients necessary for the health of our body, your body will not ask you for more food or a shot of something sweet or salty, since it has its needs covered.

They want to lose weight : the explanation for anxiety is also valid for this case, and also, due to the high fiber content of green smoothies, it is very satiating , which favors you not overeating. On the other hand, they have a high nutritional power with few calories .

Convalescent: when a person is sick, it is interesting that they can nourish themselves with the minimum energy expenditure on the part of their organism, so that they can dedicate that energy to healing.

What is the green smoothie?

The basic green smoothie is made up of water + fruit + green leafy vegetables.

There are many types and trends in the world of green smoothies, especially now that they have become so fashionable.

*It has as one of its mottos " less is more ": prioritize simplicity and the use of a single type of fruit with a single type of green leaf.

*Take care of the correct combination of foods : to make it more digestive and promote the assimilation of nutrients.

What nutrients do green smoothies provide you

Raw fruits and vegetables mainly provide vitalized water (from the food itself), fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins, enzymes, and minerals.

In the specific case of the green leaf, the main minerals it contains are iron, magnesium, and calcium , as well as chlorophyll from the green of its leaves. That is why it is recommended to use the leaves with more intense green, instead of, for example, iceberg lettuce, which just has nutrients.

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