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    Surely you have heard of green smoothies, but have you dared to try them? These healthy drinks are a great source of nutrients and properties that help our body. And also, they are great!


    But what exactly are green smoothies?


    It is a type of creamy and tasty drink made with green leafy vegetables (such as spinach, chard or lettuce) and with some fruit that helps sweeten its flavor .


    Here are some of the benefits that green smoothies provide:


    Natural weight loss


    Green smoothies help increase the number of pieces of vegetables and fruits we consume each day.


    It keeps you full


    Taking one before meals can help you satiate yourself with smaller portions or even avoid snacking between meals.


    Increase your energy


    The sugars that fruits contain are a great source of energy that also aid in the digestion and absorption of nutrients, so your body will always have energy to carry out other activities.


    Moisturizing and diuretic


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    They are a good option to stop fluid retention that helps our body to gain weight.


    If you are looking for a natural food, rich, easy to prepare, and that also helps your body, don't think twice, green smoothies are the solution!